AutoGeneral – Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner – Ammonia Free Automotive Window and Windshield Cleaner – Spray Concentrate – Antifogging Formula – Industrial Strength – Professional Grade – 55 Gallon Drum

Price: $954.41
(as of May 06,2020 04:20:59 UTC – Details)

AUTOGENERAL ANTI-FOG GLASS CLEANER: A high-performance ammonia-free auto glass cleaner formula that provides excellent antifogging protection to vehicles’ windows, mirrors, and windshields. Designed to clean dirt, grime, and bugs as well as eliminating distracting fog build-up while driving. Use for usual auto glass cleaning or to defog with this easy to apply, spray-on/wipe-off formulation!
MULTIPURPOSE CLEANING SOLUTION: Beyond glass cleaner! Whether for personal or professional applications, this industrial-strength, low-VOC solution handles tough cleaning tasks. From automotive repair clean-up and car detailing to office and household needs – the options are endless!
REPEL RAIN, SLEET, AND SNOW: Pre-treat windows, windshields, and mirrors to repel rain, sleet, and snow that inhibit critical visibility on the road. AutoGeneral’s unique antifogging formulation stops ice and frost accumulation and effectively beads moisture on contact. Reapply solution to surfaces as needed or during auto detailing!
EASY SPRAY-ON APPLICATION: Cleaning and glass defogging application is a breeze! Use as-is, no dilution—transfer solution into the sprayer of your choice for simpler application and accessible use. Spray directly onto the glass and wipe with a clean cloth until dry. Enjoy grime and fog-free windows and surfaces in minutes!
AUTOGENERAL GUARANTEE: Offering a full range of premium quality, professional supplies for automotive professionals and detailers, General Chemical Corp. has been solving your toughest cleaning needs since 1980! Many professional detailers have switched to our non-corrosive products because of their expert cleaning results. Give us a try! We are proud to offer you our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


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