Safety Protection Mask, Full Face Helmet Mask Transparent Dust Cover Splash-Proof Dust-Proof Goggles Multi-Function Protective Cap Personal Protective Equipment,10PCS

Price: $349.00
(as of May 08,2020 23:56:02 UTC – Details)

Transparent protective masks and safety helmets, safety masks this clear vision, you can flip, ready to wear and easy to disassemble, and easy to clean and disinfect with alcohol.
HD perspective, splash can effectively block dust and debris, may be used when working against dust, impact, durable, lightweight, wide scratch, anti-fog, use.
Safety helmet and mask fit, can provide better protection for your double, workplace or public places to prevent splashing liquid, anti-saliva, wind, sand, UV damage.
Wide range of uses: including construction, riding, DIY projects, shooting, hunting, fishing, laboratory work, carpentry, health care, painting, industrial production, cooks and so on.
Around the cap can be adjusted, adjustable head circumference design, size of the head are applicable, convenient to use, versatile, reusable, excellent protective effect


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