CHENGL Full Face Respirator,Full face Single Tank Electric Ventilated Biochemical Gas mask can be reused, widely Used in Paint, Chemistry, polishing, Chemical Experiment, fire Emergency

Price: $216.28
(as of May 12,2020 22:57:33 UTC – Details)

Excellent quality – made of high quality rubber, respirators, non-toxic, soft, comfortable, durable, safe and healthy. Once worn, this gas mask will effectively eliminate any traces of organic chemical vapors or fumes. .
Close air source – pump located on your waist, so you source close to the air, easy breathing. .
—– inflatable pump can pump charge into the power without use. With a fully charged battery 7 hours. .
Compactness good – mask close to the skin. Harmful gases and parcels can not enter the mask. The full-face respirator mesh headband can also protect your head and hair, reduce stress, a perfect seal. .
Wide range of uses – respiratory masks may block various harmful substances, such as organic gases and vapors, chlorobenzene, alcohol and carbon dioxide. Mask pharmaceutical widely used in paints, chemicals, polishing, pesticide spraying, chemical experiment, fire emergency, oil recovery, mining and metallurgical operation, welding or respirator.


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