GT-LYD UV Disinfection Box, Sports Car-Shaped 9W UV Ozone Disinfection Cabinet, for Masks, Beauty Supplies, Baby Supplies and Kitchen Tableware Disinfection,White

Price: $193.03
(as of May 14,2020 05:06:11 UTC – Details)

99% effective sterilization: high-temperature sterilization of ultraviolet UV lamp heat, high-tech ozone, ultraviolet sterilization. The sterilization rate is as high as 99%. There is no need to use additional chemical additives, and no secondary pollution occurs. It is an efficient, gentle and clean disinfection device.
Safety protection: A temperature control system is set in the sterilizer. When the temperature is lower than 70 ° C, the system will work automatically. When the temperature is higher than 80 ° C, the whole system will automatically stop working and keep warm. The machine is equipped with heat insulation material, which can fully guarantee the normal operation of the machine. Special door touch protection switch, the ultraviolet light is on when closed, and the ultraviolet light is automatically
High-quality materials: Ultraviolet disinfection box is made of high temperature resistant and anti-aging engineering ABS plastic to prolong the service life of the product. The blue transparent mask that can block ultraviolet rays, humanized protection of the operator from ultraviolet rays.
Applicable scenarios: UV disinfection box is suitable for disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of beauty salons, manicure tools / baby bottles, pacifiers, hearing aids, smart phones, etc. It is an ideal appliance for sauna shops, spa halls, hotels, beauty salons, nail salons, hair salons and improving the quality of family life.
Security: UV disinfection cabinets that have passed the EU CE certification and RoHS certification, quality and safety are guaranteed, you can buy with confidence. It is an ideal gift for bacterial phobia and your health assistant.


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