Zyyqt Portable Electric Sprayer, with Straps and 6 Meter Long Wire,Continuously Adjustable Chemical Output,for The Disinfection of Airports, Hotels, Stations, Hospitals

Price: $716.17
(as of May 22,2020 08:51:58 UTC – Details)

♥The medicine box has a capacity ruler, which is more convenient to add medicine. 800W high-power high-speed spraying has high application efficiency and saves medicine.
♥The shoulder strap design makes it easier to use. The spray connection hose is about 50cm long, and the spray direction is flexible.
♥The nozzle flow adjustment button is marked with a scale, which can continuously adjust the spray volume and control the droplet diameter.
♥0-2L continuous adjustable chemical liquid output per hour, which can adjust the liquid flow, and implement ultra-low or low volume spray.
♥The 6-meter power cord reduces space constraints and is ideal for disinfection of CDC, health and epidemic prevention stations, hospitals, schools, stations, docks, restaurants, logistics warehouses, libraries, cinemas, farms, courtyards, etc.


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