LKSDD Welding Helmet,Automatic Dimming/Grinding Mask/Helmet/Welding Machine Lens Cover/Welding/Eye Mask MMA TIG MIG Welding Machine

Price: $114.88
(as of May 23,2020 18:47:51 UTC – Details)

The new self-dimming technology liquid crystal light control light valve, multi-layer liquid crystal display and coated glass effectively block ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and visible light to pass easily, thereby protecting the eye welder, making the welding object clear, reducing repeated welding and improving welding efficiency;
The original automatic light control circuit changes, the response time of the glasses to the arc is less than 1/30000 seconds, from the bright state level to the dark state level, thereby reducing the accidental moment of the arc eye damage;
Safe architectural design, international pop style, ergonomics, spacious interior, easy to use, comfortable to wear, fully protect the face, neck and ears;
High quality LCD and optical coating, permanent UV/IR shielding (protection level 15#) to protect operators from UV/IR damage;
The original anti-interference switch design prevents the welding object from being clearly seen on the near-complex environment side;


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