RHINO MATS Simple Solutions DUST Control MAT

Price: $116.00
(as of May 23,2020 08:06:50 UTC – Details)

Simple Solution facilitates a neat and tidy decontamination of all footwear, including light feminine sandals and should be used where general public traffic is expected and in intramural settings like dental and doctor offices. The simplest most effective shoe disinfectant method is the two mat and dual purpose system from Rhino, “Simple Solution”.
Take the smaller 2’x3’ mat and fill with three cups of your existing disinfectant solution, diluted per product specifications.
Place the 2’X3’ solution filled mat on the approaching pedestrian traffic side and follow with the larger & matching 3’X5’ for drying purposes.
Recharging or refilling your solution filled 2’X3’ mat will vary due to the temperature, humidity and traffic volume. A one cup per day refill is average. Adjust to slightly wetted state. Simple maintenance. When cleaning, use soap and warm water Caution: Always use rubber gloves when cleaning mat and with COVID 19 wear a mask due to facial proximity with all mats.
Available in three colors: 2’X3’ disinfectant mat & 3’X5’ drying mats sold together as one unit.


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