Child Fall Protection Safety Net Children’s Climbing Net Balcony Stairs Protection Net Shatter-resistant Net Retro Decorative Net Partition Net Ceiling Net Fence Fence Outdoor Garden Safety Net Multif

Price: $625.78
(as of May 24,2020 16:30:50 UTC – Details)

1. Hemp rope size: rope 16mm thick, grid 15cm. Color: jute color. Available in a variety of sizes. Suitable for outdoor decoration, children climbing, fence protection, etc.
2. Product material: The hemp rope is made of pure four-strand rope, which is corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, safer and more stable. Bangladeshi jute, bright color, long fiber, weather resistant, durable and decorative.
3. Product performance: using environmentally friendly raw materials, high rope strength, light weight, heat insulation,
Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, good quality. Natural materials have a pale yellow tingle and are free of chemical contamination.
4. Safety net attention: Please check the safety net regularly for potential safety hazards caused by external or human factors, so as to protect the safety of goods in time. Easy to fold and store after direct cleaning.


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