Decorative Jute Hemp Netting, Child Safety Net Kids Balcony Net Protection Fence Adults Fitness Jute Net Background Wall Decorative Net (Size : 18m) (Size : 2×6m)

Price: $619.89
(as of May 24,2020 22:56:02 UTC – Details)

u203b【HEMP NETTING MATERIAL】: imported Bangladeshi jute. professional knotting, strong impact resistance, and can withstand the worst conditions. Very sturdy even when used outdoors.
u203b【HEMP NETTING EASY TO INSTALL】: You just need to install it manually and hang the hook on the wall.
u203b【HEMP NETTING EXTREMELY VERSATILE】: These nets are fantastic all-rounders, whatever your requirements. Whether itu2019s securing skip contents, or safely holding down cargo on trailers or trucks, these nets have got you covered!
u203b【HEMP NETTING WELL MADE】:Authentic jute handmade and natural hemp no chemical odor. rich in texture, full of weight, imported jute fiber is thicker, texture is stronger, decorative effect is better!
u203b【HEMP NETTING LONG-LASTING】: healthy, high quality and durable. From past experience we know that his life span is very long


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