JN Safety Door Baby Gate Pet Fence Security Door Dog Gate Pole Isolation Door Fireplace Grille Guardrail Baby Door Garden Door Child Safety Door Kitchen Protection Baby Safety Door

Price: $455.23
(as of Jun 06,2020 15:02:56 UTC – Details)

Newly upgraded safety door, personalized punch-free design to protect the wall from scratches
*Protect the wall to avoid scratching: no punching, user-friendly punch-free design,
* When opening the door, press both buttons at the same time and pull the door. When the door opening angle is greater than 70°, the door can automatically rebound.
*Double locking door bottom with locking pin, double locking, two-way protection
The transparent door bar gives the baby a sense of the mother’s security at any time, the interaction will not be stuck, and the security is more assured


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