Staircase balcony protection net Truck freight trailer network amusement park protection network rock climbing anti-fall net football basketball court fence construction safety net hanging clothes net

Price: $424.07
(as of Jun 12,2020 15:38:56 UTC – Details)

◆Protective mesh material: made of nylon material. The hand-woven rope is more wear-resistant and has strong impact resistance.
◆ Drop-proof net: Many children fall from the building, let us know that the safety of children can not be ignored, it can also be used as a cat net to protect small pets from falling.
◆ Safety net size: rope diameter 8mm, grid spacing 8cm. Let us protect the safety of children.
◆Decorative Netscape: Suitable for stairs, balconies, decorations, hanging clothes, photo walls, kindergartens, stadium fences, ceiling nets, plant protection nets, etc.
◆Safety Tip: Please check the safety net regularly for any safety hazards caused by various external factors or human factors, and replace them in time to protect children’s safety.


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