Wlh Children’s Protective Net Nylon Rope Net, Children’s Pet Safety Net Trampoline Fence Net Isolation Net Color Multi-Color Stitching Net (Specification: Rope 10 Mm, Hole 10 cm) (Size : 38m)

Price: $421.17
(as of Jun 13,2020 16:35:08 UTC – Details)

♦ Handmade: Hand protection net for high quality safety nets, the rope itself is impeccable, twisted again, the ropes are upright and horizontally wound.This makes it straighter and better than method folding (you can judge the suspension curve).
♦ Coated Polypropylene Our utility cable can be hung from durable polypropylene if necessary.Core nylon and polypropylene cover are degraded, mold, moisture, grease and surprisingly resistant to decay.
♦ Use this product as a fence to easily divide the area and prevent others from entering your room.It can also be used to isolate conflicting pets.
♦ 100% safe use: We have no reason to ask for the quality of our products, which is why we think you will like it!We believe in the quality of our products, so you can be sure that you can get the best market products.
♦ Uses: It can be used for the division and physical adjustment of sports and sports facilities, as well as the protection of garden fences to facilitate their lives.


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