Safety Netting for Kids, Rope Netting for Railings Fence Net Safety Net Stair Bannister Outdoor Net Kids Patio Child Railing Indoor Children Protective Balcony Protection Nylon Cargo Nets, White

Price: $386.43
(as of Sep 27,2020 17:38:07 UTC – Details)

▶ Fence Net Specification Sizes:【Mesh Size: 6 cm (57/24 “)】; 【Rope Diameter: 6 mm (15/64 “)】; 【Rope Netting Surface Load Bearing Capacity: 250 kg (551 lbs)】; 【The Length × Width of the net: Marked in the selection】.
▶ Safety Netting for Kids The Main Purpose: Indoor protection, safety; suitable for indoor stairs, balcony, railings, railstairs, patio, etc. ★★Please be sure to read the specifications of the net clearly when placing an order, especially in “Mesh Size” and “Load Bearing Capacity”).
▶ Rope Net ▌Made of high-strength industrial polyester material; ▌Carefully selected raw materials, 100% pure hand-woven in the professional weaving technique of inheritance craft; ▌Wear-resistant, sun-resistant, strong durable, beautiful in texture, not grind hands, natural, environmentally friendly.
▶ Patio Netting Provide fixing ropes for attaching fixing the net for free.
▶ Provide Size CUSTOMIZATION SERVICE. If you have any questions or needs, please email us and send us the product link or product ASIN code you asked for. 【In your description of the required net, it’s better to include: ⑴ Mesh Size; ⑵ Rope Diameter; ⑶ Length × Width of the Net; ⑷ Intended Load Bearing Capacity; ⑸ Intended use_You can attach some photos of the actual use scene to help your description.】


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