Climbing net 8cm-8mm Color Rope Netting – Child Safety Net Stairs Balcony Protection Net – Climbing Nylon Net Decorative – Resistant To Balconies Ceilings Anti-fall Nets – 1x3m Decoration safety net

Price: $371.38
(as of Oct 01,2020 05:58:10 UTC – Details)

★ Children’s safety net: The safety anti-fall net is made of nylon material, durable, environmentally friendly, sun-proof and waterproof.
★ Color rope net: Drop-proof net diameter 8cm/10cm, rope thick 8mm/10mm, multi-size optional, can be customized.
★ Wire rope use tips: Regularly check the safety net for various external or human-induced safety hazards to ensure safety during use.
★ The scope of use of the protection net: The safety anti-fall net is suitable for balconies, stairs, construction sites, pets, children, trucks, stadiums, playgrounds, etc., to prevent objects from falling and to ensure safety.
★ Performance of anti-drop net: The net port is firm and not loose, the net side is strengthened, the power is even, the traction is strong, the sun is protected, the weather is anti-weather, and the rain is protected.


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