Gaohh Bar Retro Decorative Net Outdoor Staircase Balcony Protective Cafe Partition Decoration Clothing Store Hanging Clothes Net Wall Decoration Restaurant Corridor Ceiling Network

Price: $330.70
(as of Oct 11,2020 20:03:54 UTC – Details)

◆ Decorative mesh diameter -8mm rope thickness / 8cm mesh diameter. We support custom ropes in other colors and sizes (color, rope diameter, mesh, length * width). If you have any questions or needs, please contact us.
◆Climbing nets – outdoor swimming pool, theme bar, restaurant, club decoration, children’s room decoration, army theme, wildlife photography, photography background, beach car cover, carport, boat curtains, ceiling decoration, stair balcony protection, amusement park, building protection Safety net, landscape fence, suspension bridge guardrail, etc.
◆Feather rope characteristics – soft material, light mesh, multi-layer warp and weft, fine wiring, fine workmanship; clear lines, non-slip durable, anti-wear.
◆Protective net material – made of jute material, hand-tightened, so that the net has a large tensile force and strong impact resistance.
◆ Protective net – To protect the safety of children, many children fall from the building and let us know that the safety of children cannot be ignored.


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