Children’s Climbing net, Ceiling Decoration net Children’s Stairs Anti-Falling net Railing Isolation net Hanging Clothes net, Thick Hemp Rope net, 16mm/15cm, Multi-Size (24m) (Size : 27m)

Price: $326.77
(as of Oct 13,2020 17:54:59 UTC – Details)

◆ hemp rope wire diameter 16MM, the mesh spacing 15CM.Our safety net can be customized according to your needs.
◆ Protection Materials: hemp rope.
Decorative features ◆ network: soft material, thin mesh, the multilayer warp and weft, fine wiring and fine workmanship; line clear, durable and non-slip, wear-resistant.
◆ versatile safety net: the family balcony railing and stairs balcony railing safety stairs anti-cat ladder, such as strengthening the anti-fall protection; wall, house, hotel theme parties, plates, coffee shops, bookstores, restaurants, decoration, hanging and so on.
◆ durable protective net can be cut to size and shape you want, without affecting network


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