Balcony/Stairway/Patio Railing Safety Net Cargo Protection Net Child Fall Protection Safety Net Cat Net Balcony Stairs Playground Courtyard Suspension Bridge Garden Plant Net Black Decorative Net Rest

Price: $315.12
(as of Oct 17,2020 20:43:24 UTC – Details)

◆Protective net material: It is hand-woven with polyethylene, fine workmanship, safety protection, firm and firm, multi-purpose with one net, and the effect is outstanding.
◆ Anti-fall net use: Many children fall from the building, let us know that children’s safety can not be ignored, protect the baby from the stair and balcony railings, it can also be used as a pet net to protect small animals from falling .
◆ Football net size: 4mm thick and 5cm mesh. If the color and size you need are not here, you can click on the (style) under the title to view more other color sizes or contact us by email. .
◆Safety net features: Safety nets, made of heavy mesh fabric, have a firm quality and a neat appearance, you can rest assured when your child is playing alone.
◆Decorative net scene: suitable for stairs, balconies, hanging clothes, photo walls, kindergartens, swings, stadium fences, ceiling decoration nets, plant protection nets and many other uses.


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