Balcony/Stairway/Patio Railing Safety Net Children Stair Safety Net Outdoor Climbing Net Balcony Protective Net Garden Fence Net Ceiling Decorative Net Hand-Woven Rope Bar Restaurant Decoration Net

Price: $313.62
(as of Oct 18,2020 11:59:02 UTC – Details)

【Stairs Safety Net for Children】:The safety netting installed on the handrail can keep children from sticking their head and bodies through banisters,if the gap is too large,children will pass
【Widely used and Easy Clean/Storage】:perfect indoor and outdoor stair net safety net. You can use the net for children’s cribs, hallways, stairs, balconies, etc. to ensure children’s safety and provide a safe playground for children.Wipe down with soap and sponge or just remove it with direct washing.It can be folded and stored conveniently.through the gap and fall down.Best net to provide safe playing surroundings for kids when they play in the corridor, balcony and patios, etc.
1. Safety net material: jute; soft material, light mesh, multi-layer warp and weft, fine wiring, fine workmanship; clear lines, non-slip durable, anti-wear.
2. Safety net specifications: hemp rope net diameter 12MM, mesh spacing 12CM. Our protective nets can be customized to your needs. This protective net is designed for balconies and stairs to protect your baby’s safety. It can also be used as a cat net to protect small pets from falling.
3. Safety net features: maintain a firm and tidy appearance; use this durable, weatherproof protective net to protect your baby from open stairways and balcony armrests. Prevent babies, toddlers, pets or toys and other items from falling on the break of the armrest.


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