Hand-Woven Net Cargo Cover Net Garden Safe Net 1 White Safety Net Balcony and Stair Safety Net Child Safety Net Kindergarten Decoration Net Fence Net Cat Net Hand Weaving Net (Size : 48m)

Price: $312.26
(as of Oct 19,2020 05:20:19 UTC – Details)

1. Children’s balcony stairway net: The rope is 8mm thick; the grid spacing is 12cm. Available in a variety of sizes, white nylon mesh, size can be customized.
2. Children/Pet Safety Net: Handmade buttons are made of polypropylene cotton woven rope. The color is white, soft and not worn, suitable for children’s protection.
3, wall decoration net white: tightly woven, clear texture, rope is more anti-slip, durable, anti-wear; excellent fatigue resistance, after repeated twists and turns, parts can still maintain the original material strength.
4. Child Protective Net: It can also be used as a cat net to protect small pets from falling. Suitable for covering. Many children fall from the building and let us know that the safety of children cannot be ignored.
5. Toy safety net: used for stairs, balconies, landscape guardrails, exterior walls, etc., effectively prevent the baby from falling when approaching the gap, but also plays an aesthetic role. Multi-functional indoor and outdoor decorative ceilings, wall decoration nets, kindergarten children’s games, stadium fences, hanging clothes nets, etc.


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