Safety Outdoor Railing Net 1x3m Stair Protection Net Environment Safety Net Household Obstacle Cat Net Balcony Children Kindergarten Playground Shatter-Resistant Net Nylon Net Multicolor Mesh Spacing

Price: $308.34
(as of Oct 20,2020 22:50:13 UTC – Details)

1. Stair protection net: mesh size: 5 cm; rope: 6 mm; protective net of six colors; degree * width: please purchase according to your actual needs. We have any other size (rope diameter, mesh, length * width) rope mesh that supports customization.
2. Environmental safety net: polyester material, excellent mesh quality, uniform mesh, bright color, no netting, strong mesh; durable, beautiful and durable, weatherproof. Knotless woven mesh. Used in a variety of interior decoration, fall protection and protection.
3. Household barrier cat net: precision wiring, workmanship, high temperature baking and dyeing, anti-corrosion, waterproof, sunscreen, not easy to fade.
4. Kindergarten color decoration network: Please check the safety net regularly for safety hazards caused by various external factors or human factors, and protect children’s safety in time.
5. Balcony Children’s Falling Net: Prevent your children and pets from passing their heads or body through the railings and then provide them with a safer environment. It also effectively prevents your child from squeezing toys from the stair gap, dropping toys or small things from the top of the stairs and the balcony.


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