FLYSXP Safety Net, Stair Balcony Anti-Drop Net, Suitable for Stair Balcony Ceiling Child Safety net (Size : 4x5m)

Price: $275.19
(as of Nov 09,2020 11:55:34 UTC – Details)

Ideal for babies, children, todders, babies, pets. It can also effectively prevent children’s toys, shoes, small debris AIR joint balcony or up and down stairs, providing product safety.
Durable and thick mesh fabric, made of materials and materials, ripstop, strong and waterproof, suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
Outdoor climbing net: cold and frost resistant, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, strong
Anti-theft net: used for stairs, balconies, landscape fences, exterior walls, etc., to prevent the baby from getting close to the gap, but also to play an aesthetic role
Outdoor decoration net: It adopts environmentally friendly materials, does not recycle waste, has no peculiar smell, and has a beautiful environment.


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