Makeup Airbrush Machine Set, Pink Air Compressor Nano Facial Care Sprayer for Deep Moisturizing Paint Color Cake Decoration(US)

Price: $70.88
(as of Nov 14,2020 20:33:25 UTC – Details)

★ SMART SYSTEM: With built-in air storage tank, Maximum Pressure 30PSI, good effect of atomization, coloring and spraying. Maximum Airflow: 10L/min. Gear Adjustment: 5 gear. Length of Connecting Pipe: Over 2m / 6.6ft.
★ MULTIPLE USES: Atomized water molecules, can easily penetrate into the skin base layer. Can be used with serum, essence, liquid, hair conditioner, etc. Meeting different demands.
★ MULTIPLE SCENES: It is suitable for scenes such as beauty salons, spas, massage shops, hairdressers, tattoo shops, etc. It is a good tool for spraying.
★ WORKING PRINCIPLE: This airbrush can automatically pressurized liquid, as long as the trigger is pressed, the liquid will be sprayed in the form of fine atomization. It is to pressurize the air automatically, and under strong pressure, the liquid is sprayed through the small holes, forming a very fine atomization, so that the sprayed liquid paint or pigment is even and powerful.
★ SUPPLEMENT NUTRITION AND WATER: Water oxygen sprayer can transform the skin care products such as essence and smoothing toner into the finest mist,instant high-pressure atomization, so that the skin care nutrition is not lost,can quickly replenish nutrients and moisture to the skin, improve skin tone, help you achieve the effect of whitening and rejuvenating skin.


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