QLWLQL Kids Climbing Net Hemp Rope Net Sturdy Rocks Climb Net Kids Training Net Large Mesh Multi-Size Safety and Environmentally Dia 12MM,9.923ft

Price: $266.99
(as of Nov 16,2020 13:05:02 UTC – Details)

☆ Hemp rope climbing net: hand-woven net, child safety fence, high-grade sturdy woven fabric, professional knotting, multi-strand weaving, making the rope stronger, having strong impact resistance, and can withstand the worst condition. It is strong even when used outdoors.
☆ Multiple sizes of hemp rope net: ,hemp rope diameter,12mm/0.47in, mesh spacing 150mm/5.9in. Our hemp rope protective net is available in a variety of sizes and supports custom rope diameters and other mesh sizes.
☆ Features of the protective net, soft and moderate, not easy to fade, not afraid of wind and rain, long service life, more durable, easy to install, easy to disassemble. When you don’t need to use it, you can fold it up and store it conveniently.
☆ Applicable scope of rope net anti-falling net: suitable for stairs, balconies, decorations, clothes hanging, photo walls, ceiling nets, cat-proof nets, tunnel nets, sheltered animal nets, baby anti-fall nets, pet insulation nets, children Safety nets and many other applications.
☆ Protective net material: hemp rope net is woven with jute imported from Bangladesh. Safety Tips: Check the safety net regularly for safety hazards caused by various external or human factors to protect safety.


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