WNSW Safety Net,Balcony Protection Net Child Safety Net Color Nylon Net Kindergarten Garden Plant Climbing Decoration Mesh Cargo Anti-Fall Protective Trellis Ball Netting (Size : 29m)

Price: $253.22
(as of Dec 07,2020 07:30:12 UTC – Details)

★【Child protection net】Stair anti-drop net: used for stairs, balconies, landscape rails, exterior walls, etc., to effectively prevent the risk of falling when the baby is close to the gap, but also to play an aesthetic role
★【Child protection net】Child safety net: Decorative mesh professionally woven, durable, not easy to loose, and the protection effect is remarkable cold and frost resistant, strong corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight and firmer
★【Child protection net】 Use this product as a fence to easily divide the area and prevent others from entering your room.It can also be used to isolate conflicting pets.
★【Child protection net】Child protection net: professional knots, multi-strand weaving, make the rope net stronger and durable
★【Child protection net】Multi-functional protection net: family balcony and railing balcony staircase safety net railing stairs anti-cat climbing, anti-high fall and other strengthening protection; wall, home, theme party hotel, hotel, cafe, bookstore, restaurant, decoration, hanging and so on.


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