GFF White Rope Net, Safety Net Construction Protection Net Child Protection Net Site Fence Net Construction Anti-Fall Home Decoration Rope Net (Color : Spacing 10cm, Size : 2x3m)

Price: $225.99
(as of Jan 07,2021 14:25:03 UTC – Details)

▲ rope material characteristics: high-gloss polyester material, wear-resistant, light-resistant and weather-resistant, strong quality; high-strength elastic material, wear-resistant and light-resistant breaking force, high cost performance.
▲ mesh specifications: 3cm, 5cm, 10cm, support customization.
▲Product use: stair protection, site fence, child protection, balcony protection, building anti-fall, home decoration, etc.
▲ Polyester knotless woven mesh protects children’s safety: Many children fall from the building, let us understand that the safety of children can not be ignored.
▲ mesh size mesh diameter: please choose according to your needs. We have any other size (rope diameter, mesh, length * width) rope net, support customization, if you have any needs, please contact us.


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