Climbing net Rope net Football door guardrail net / children’s shatter-resistant safety net / kindergarten game protection net / wall plant decorative rope net household nylon pet protection net Decor

Price: $224.59
(as of Jan 09,2021 13:29:19 UTC – Details)

★Protection net: It is made of nylon material and is safe and anti-falling net. It is durable, environmentally friendly, sun-proof and waterproof. The mesh width is 10 cm, the mesh edge is strengthened, the power is even, the traction is strong, sunscreen and rainproof.
★ Size: 1*1m , 1*2m , 1*3m , 1*4m , 1*5m , 1*6m , 1*7m , 1*8m , 1*9m , 1*10 , 2*2m , 2*3m , 2*4m , 2*5m , 2*6M , 2*7M , 2*8M , 2*9M , 2*10M , 3*3m , 3*4m , 3*5m , 3*6M , 3*7M , 3*8M , 3*9M , 3*10M
★ Safety nets can be used in many ways as decorative photo walls or children climbing games.If you have other size requirements, please contact us by email and look forward to your message.
★Safety anti-fall nets: balcony, stairs, construction sites, pets, children, trucks, gymnasiums, playgrounds, etc., to prevent objects from falling, to ensure the safety of pets, children, etc.
★Children’s safety anti-drop net tips: Regularly check the safety net for various external or human-induced safety hazards to ensure the safety of children.


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