Safety Protection Hemp Rope Net – Braided Hemp Rope Net Railing Safety Net Stairs Anti-Falling Net Decorative Netting Hemp Rope Child Safety Net (Size: 6mm Rope, 8cm Hole) (Size : 2×3m)

Price: $222.86
(as of Jan 11,2021 23:24:06 UTC – Details)

● Protection net material: hemp rope net adopts knotless double needle knotless knitting. Jute rope is high-strength, soft, and strong. The hemp rope is durable, soft, and able to withstand harsh conditions, humidity, wear, and weather conditions.
● Characteristics of protective rope net: small elastic expansion ability, weather resistance, wear resistance, long service life, environmental protection, quality assurance.
● Multi-purpose protection rope net: It can prevent objects from falling and ensure the safety of pets, children, etc. Suitable for stairs, balconies, decorations, clothes hanging, photo walls, kindergartens, stadium fences, ceiling nets, plant protection nets and many other uses.
● Length * Width: Please purchase according to your actual needs. We also have other sizes (wire diameter, mesh, length * width) of the rope net, which can be customized. If you have any questions or needs, please contact us.
● Safety Tips: Regularly check the safety net for any hidden dangers caused by various external or human factors to protect the safety.


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