JRYⓇ Color Safety net,Baby Staircase Balcony Fall Prevention net, Ceiling Decoration net, Kindergarten Climbing net, Customizable,Children Protective Netting Safety Protection, Climbing Woven Rope

Price: $192.19
(as of Jan 23,2021 14:12:01 UTC – Details)

◆Anti-aging Material: high-strength rigid nylon, durable, heat-resistant, anti-ultraviolet in summer and not easy to wear
◆Safety: A safety net to prevent children and pets from falling from the gap between the balcony and the stair railing. You can also decorate various furniture and decorations
◆Multi-function: Not only suitable for children, but also can be fixed on the construction site and the stairs and windows, scaffolding and stairwells, scenic stairs, amusement parks, etc.
◆Easy To Install: You can use hooks or nails to form your favorite shape on the wall, and then hang it on the wall
◆Safety Reminder: Please check the safety net regularly to prevent hidden dangers caused by various external factors or human factors, and replace it in time


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