DLYDSSZZ Safety Net for Kids White Fence Net Cat Net Weaving Net Garden Plant Climbing Swing Net Rope Balcony Stair Balcony Child Protection Net Outdoor (Color : 5cm mesh/5mm Rope Thick, Size : 4x7m)

Price: $146.33
(as of Jan 28,2021 12:44:54 UTC – Details)

1. Safety net size rope specifications: 5cmx5mm, 10cmx6mm. Please purchase according to your actual needs. We support customizing other sizes (rope diameter, mesh hole, length x width) mesh rope. If you have any questions or needs, please contact us by email.
2. Protective mesh material: Made of nylon braided rope, hand-woven and tightened. It is simple and beautiful, and the mesh surface has strong impact resistance and high temperature sun protection.
3. Features of decorative net: soft material, light mesh, multi-layer warp and weft, fine wiring, fine workmanship; clear lines, non-slip and durable, anti-wear.
4. Railing safety net use recommendations: 6 mm rope thick 10 cm mesh hole, suitable for construction safety protection, football field, basketball court, venue fence, hanging clothes net, car sealing net, isolation net. 5 mm rope thick 5 cm mesh hole, suitable for stairs, balcony security, decoration, hanging photos, breeding, etc.
5. Safety Tips: Please check the safety net regularly for any safety hazards caused by various external or human factors, and replace them in time to protect your personal safety.


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