ZYT(Multi-Color Optional) Color Nylon Garden Decoration Net, Balcony Safety Net, Staircase Children’s Anti-Fall Net, Support Custom Size(Size:33M)

Price: $62.23
(as of Feb 16,2021 23:48:06 UTC – Details)

Safety net size: safety net cable diameter 6MM, net distance 10CM. The protective net can be customized according to the required grid spacing and color.
The child safety net provides a safe play environment for children on the railing. Protect the safety of your children or pets or toys. It can also effectively prevent children’s head and body from passing through the track, as well as sturdy indoor and outdoor balcony stairs to ensure the safety of children.
Protective net features: The colorful nylon protective net adopts delicate hand-woven technology, with uniform meshes and not easy to break. Multi-layer weaving, high-strength protection.
Safety net material: It is made of nylon braided rope, professionally knotted and multi-strand woven. The color is beautiful, and it is economical against the sun. Suitable for all kinds of interior decoration, fall prevention and protection.
Main uses: balcony staircase protection, fall prevention, stadium fence, playground protection, clothing decoration, etc.


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