Climbing Net Children’s Stair Safety Net, Balcony Shatter-Resistant Net, Scenic Fence Net, Interior Decoration Net, Pet Net, Children’s Climbing Net (Color : Thickness6mm, Size : 15m)

Price: $60.45
(as of Feb 23,2021 19:59:03 UTC – Details)

Protective mesh material: It hemp rope net adopts knotless double needle knotless weaving. Safety Tip: Regularly check the safety net for safety hazards caused by various external or human factors to protect safety.
Protective net use: wall decoration, hanging clothes net, home security, garden decoration, building fence, children fall prevention, outdoor decoration
Made of pure cotton core, the braided rope is colorful and economical. It is suitable for all kinds of interior decoration, anti-fall, protection.
The protective net is made of polyester three-strand hand-wound, colorful, sun-resistant and durable, suitable for all kinds of outdoor decoration, sun protection, protection, fall prevention.
The protective net is weather resistant, wear resistant and strong. It uses environmentally friendly materials and strength. Good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, better protection for children, small animals


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